Safety Manual

Your Mill One is a simple machine that can do quite complex cutting tasks. Before using your machine, please read over the below safety manual (also included in the assembly manual) in order to better understand how it should be operated in a way that keeps you safe.

We’ve tried to make the machine as safe to use as we could by ensuring that you are never directly interacting with line voltages and it’s difficult to interact with the machine as it’s cutting. We want you to enjoy your Mill One while getting the most out of it, so if you have any questions about our safety guidelines then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Safety Warnings and Guidelines

In these warnings, you the user and original purchaser/customer of the Mill One CNC are referred to as the “operator” of the machine:

  1. Be sure to carefully follow provided machine assembly instructions before machine use to ensure operator safety.
  2. All wires must be appropriately positioned before beginning the operation of this machine. Cutting a “live” wire may cause exposed metal parts of the routing/trimming tool to become electrified and shock the operator.
  3. Ensure the machine is placed on a flat surface and in a well-ventilated space before operation.
  4. Always wear eye protection during machine operation.
  5. Always wear hearing protection during extended machine operation based on proximity to machine.
  6. Materials may release chemicals that are toxic or unsafe to inhale when cut. Always check the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of the material in question before cutting. Always cover exposed skin and wear appropriate airway protection (e.g. dust mask/respirator) specific to the material used and its application.
  7. Any workpiece must be appropriately secured before starting a cutting routine by clamps or other practical securing method. Holding the material by hand or employing any any other unstable form of securing will lead to unsafe loss of machine control.
  8. Cutting bits used for the Mill One should be used at the discretion of the user. Bits are sharp and can crack and break without notice so appropriate care should be taken by the user while manipulating and installing them. Carefully check bits for cracks or damage before operating the machine and replace any cracked or unfit bits immediately.
  9. Carefully inspect any consumable material before use on the machine, any unforeseen inconsistency in material hardness or material quality may cause damage to the machine.
  10. Keep away from all moving parts during machine operation.
  11. Before beginning a cutting job, ensure the router/trimmer runs properly. Immediately disable the tool if visible vibration or wobble occurs. This might indicate a damaged tool or an improperly installed bit.
  12. Make sure the bit is not contacting the workpiece before the router/trimmer tool is turned on.
  13. Do not leave the machine running unattended, the machine should only be operated with the operator present.
  14. Do not touch the cutting bit immediately after use. It may be hot and could burn the operator.
  15. Use bits that are appropriate to the material and cutting speed used.