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List of Common Problems & Fixes

gSender has not been static very long so not many standard questions have been asked yet. Nonetheless, we’ll continue keeping our ears out for common stumbling points while using gSender and ensure we address them here for quick reference.

My CNC is not available as a Settings Preset

As of now, the presets in gSender don’t inform much about it’s actual function:

  • Cutting Area is used for sizing the visualizer when not connected to the machine
  • Spindle/Laser toggle is enabled or disable based on if that CNC model comes with one by default
  • Any Sienci product also allows for firmware flashing and setting of machine defaults, whereas all other models can only be set to GRBL defaults since we don’t have access to the exact build information needed for other CNCs.

If you don’t see your machine on the list, setting it up manually with a preset that’s close will work just fine.

The port is not detected for my 3018 CNC

The 3018 and similar variations have been tested to work with gSender. Sainsmart points out in their documentation that sometimes an additional driver is needed for your computer to recognize the CNC via the USB port. They make this driver available for download here:

In case this link stops working, the associated documentation can be referenced here:

For most of their machines they recommend using a 115200 baud rate, so double-check you’re using that value as well.

The port is not detected for my CNC

As long as you’re using an Arduino-based board with GRBL loaded onto it and you’ve selected the correct Baud rate in the settings then connection should be possible. Double-check that you’re not connected to your machine in another sending program at the same time as you’re trying to connect with gSender. As well, sometimes pendants or other forms of non-computer controllers can impeded on a g-code senders ability to connect to the machine.

We’re still working on making gSender work best across all devices and one aspect of this is port detection for a variety of CNCs. If your CNC still isn’t showing up on the port detector, we’d really like to hear from you.

One key bit of information that we need on our end is a picture or screenshot of your device information. You can get to this screen by:

  1. Make sure your CNC is plugged into your current computer via USB
  2. Open “Device Manager” in your Windows start menu
  3. Expand the “Ports (COM & LPT)” heading
  4. Find the listing related to your CNC. This will be the one that disappears and reappears if you unplug your CNC and plug it back in. It’ll also be the port you normally connect to on other g-code senders.
  5. Right click that device and open “Properties”
  6. Open the “Details” tab at the top
  7. In the “Property” dropdown, select the “Hardware Ids” option
  8. Send us a picture of the final view. An example of what that might look like would be:

We appreciate your feedback, and with your help we’ll make sure the next version of gSender recognizes your machine.