You’re going to be attaching your LaserBeam to your Longmill! We spent a lot of time trying to make this process simple and straightforward so you can get started making amazing projects as soon as possible.

Official Unboxing Video


Here is a list of tools you should have on hand for assembly. Most people will have these tools in their shop:

  • M5 Metric Allen Key or a Drill with a M5 Allen Key Driver Bit
  • Flat Head Screwdriver or Zip Ties


This guide will help you get familiar with all the parts included

Foam Case

The most delicate and important parts of the LaserBeam are included here:

  • Laser Diode Assembly with Air Assist & Shield Attachment
  • 5A Constant Current Laser Driver

AC Cable Padded Envelope

This padded envelope includes your 6ft AC cable

  • 6ft AC cable

Power Supply Box

This box contains your Laser Driver power supply

  • 12V 8A Power Supply

Bag #1: Small Parts

This bag includes small parts needed to fully set up your LaserBeam

  • Stock G2 Lens
  • Lens Focus Ring
  • 2pcs M5-12mm Socket Head Screws – Router Mount Hardware
  • 2pcs 7mm Lens Spring – For G2 Lens
  • 2pcs 10mm Lens Spring – For 3E, G7 or G8 Lens
  • 2pcs 13mm Lens Spring – For 3E, G7 or G8 Lens

Bag #2: Wire Set #1

This bag includes a set of wire with blue tags and a set of purple wire

  • 18AWG Laser Extension Cable – Blue Tag
  • 22AWG PWM Signal Cable – Purple Tag

Bag #3: Wire Set #2

This bag includes a set of wire with red tags and a set of yellow wire

  • 22AWG Laser Assembly Cooling Fan- Red Tag
  • 22AWG Air Assist Cooling Fan – Yellow Tag

Bag #4: Lens Focus Finder Set

This Bag includes 4 Lens Focus Finders that allow you to quickly set the correct focus height for all 4 lenses

  • G2 Lens Focus Finder
  • 3E Lens Focus Finder
  • G7 Lens Focus Finder
  • G8 Lens Focus Finder

Laser Safety Glasses Case

This Sienci Labs branded case includes your Laser Safety Glasses with a cleaning cloth

  • Laser Safety Glasses Case
  • Laser Safety Glasses
  • Cleaning Cloth

Additional Add-ons

  • Additional Lenses
  • Additional Safety Glasses