Turning Driver ON


Key Switch

Insert your driver key into the key switch. 

Driver key into key switch

Push and turn 90 degrees clockwise to enable the laser driver key switch.

Enabled key switch


Insert the closed interlock male connector into the interlock input female connector located on the driver.

Interlock closed connector inserted

If you have an additional switch you would like to incorporate into your driver use the closed interlock male connector to connect your switch into the interlock input located on the driver.

Power Supply

Ensure that your power supply is receiving power and is connected to the driver correctly, Follow the instructions listed here: https://resources.sienci.com/view/lb-driver-power-supply/

Power Reset Button

The power reset button will need to be pressed if the driver was turned off in any way other than through the driver power switch. 

Press the Power reset button

You will need to press the power reset button to allow your driver to turn on if:

    1. If you’re turning your driver on for the first time
    2. If the interlock is opened 
    3. If the key is not in the enabled position in the key switch
    4. If you remove the power supply 
    5. If your power source is cut 
    6. Or any combination of the above situations

If this happens, make sure your key is in the ON position, interlock is in closed position, LED on the power supply is turned on and power supply connector is pressed fully into your driver, turn your driver off via the main power switch. Press your reset button and turn your main power switch back on.

If your driver is already enabled, pushing the power reset button will do nothing.

Driver Power Switch

This power switch is how you turn your driver on and off.

Back view of 5A constant current laser driver assembly

Position (o) = Driver OFF/disabled position

Driver power switch OFF

Position (l) Driver ON/enabled position

Driver power switch ON

You can confirm your driver is on when your driver power LED is ON, located on the driver.

Driver power LED ON

Your power switch will only turn your driver on if:

    1. Your interlock is closed 
    2. Your key is inserted and turned to the ON position 
    3. Your power supply is receiving the proper AC power source
    4. Your power supply is connected to your driver 
    5. Your reset button has not been triggered or you have pressed the reset button after it has been triggered

LED indicators

LED 1 will indicate when your driver has been turned on.

Driver power LED ON

LED 2 is an emissions LED that will indicate when your laser output is enabled and when your driver has turned your laser on

Because the laser can be turned on at different intensities and off at different frequencies, this LED will mimic the signal that your laser is receiving relative to the LEDs max intensity.

Laser emissions LED ON