Best Practices


Before you dive into the assembly of your machine, we have a few tips and recommendations to make your experience a good one.

  • Due to the weight of the components, it is highly recommended that you assemble the AltMill with another person.  
  • The expected assembly time is between 5-8 hours, so make sure to allot ample time and pace yourself to avoid any errors, damages or injury during the process.
  • Follow the assembly order as presented in this knowledge base, as we have tested the steps to minimize difficulties and confusion.
  • Use the appropriate tool for each fastener. You may use a drill or driver for quicker assembly, but be careful not to overtorque screws. 
  • Before tightening fasteners, take note of whether they should be firmly or loosely secured. Some steps will require that screws initially be left loose so that components can be aligned in later steps. 
  • Keep the AltMill packaging as some of it will be used in the assembly process.
  • Ensure at least 6’x12’ of clear working space to set up the machine’s table/base
  • It’s recommended that hardware is kept its respective bag until needed to make finding the correct type easier using the attached labels