Hello and welcome to your AltMill resources.

This part of the resources is a work in progress. You should expect some incomplete information in the meantime as we continue to work on these pages.

These resources are designed to help you learn what your CNC machine can do and everything you need to know to get started. It should also be noted that there are a lot of similarities in the operation of the AltMill and LongMill, and you should check out the LongMill resources as well.

What is the AltMill?

The AltMill name is derived from “alternative”, “alter”, and “mill”. We believe that “alternative” fits the namesake of the AltMill because this machine represents a different way of approaching things in engineering, technology, and the way we build our company as a whole. We believe “alter” fits the purpose of the machine, which is to take materials and alter them into new forms, uses, and purposes. And of course, since we use milling as our way of altering the material, we can put these ideas and words together to form the name “AltMill”.

The AltMill is a culmination of new technologies, hardware, experience in manufacturing, and customer feedback. Our goal was to take all of these things and build a machine we felt brought the most value to the CNC user by incorporating our ability to engineer high-performance, quality machines at scale.

The AltMill is designed to have the most “effective value” possible. Its success is defined by how much value it can create versus the cost of the machine itself. In simple terms, we wanted the machine that would bring the highest ROI and productivity. The AltMill focuses on the intersection where we believe the performance versus cost ratio is the highest it can be for these users.