Make sure you have all the parts you need for a smooth and painless assembly; open all boxes and unwrap the parts! Some parts are stored inside the gantries and rails, so check there too.

AltMill Kit Parts List

X-Axis Rail Box

  • 1x X-Axis Assembly
  • 2x Drag Chain 
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x 80mm Spindle Mount
  • 3x Crossbeam Extrusion
  • 1x 4mm Hex Key
  • 1x 3mm Hex Key
  • 1x AltMill Wrench
  • X-Axis Fastener Bag
    • M4-16mm Socket Head Cap Screws
    • M5-10mm Socket Head Cap Screws
    • M5-16mm Socket Head Cap Screws
    • M6-25mm Button Head Cap Screws
    • M6-35mm Button Head Cap Screws
    • M6 Shoulder Screws
    • M5 Nylon Lock Nuts
    • M6 Flat Washers
  • Table Assembly Fastener Bag
    • M6-10mm Button Head Cap Screws 
    • M6-12mm Button Head Cap Screws
    • M6-16mm Button Head Cap Screws
    • M5-8mm Button Head Cap Screws
    • Crossbeam M5-16mm Socket Head Cap Screws (with Loctite)
    • M6 Roll-in T-nuts 
    • M5 T-nuts

Y-Axis Rail Box

  • 1x Left Y-Axis Assembly
  • 1x Right Y-Axis Assembly
  • 4x Y-axis End Plate
  • 2x Crossbeam Extrusion

Main Box

  • 4x Table Leg
  • 1x Left Y-axis Gantry Plate
  • 1x Right Y-axis Gantry Plate
  • 3x Stepper Motor
  • 1x Z-Axis Assembly
  • 4x Leveling Feet
  • 4x Motor Cable
  • 4x Inductive Sensor
  • Small Parts Bag
    • 2x Eccentric Bushing
    • 1x Drag Chain Bracket
    • 6x Bump Stop
    • 3x Coupler
    • 10x 3D Printed Cable Hanger Clip
    • Zip Ties
  • SLB-Ext Box
    • 1x SLB-Ext Controller
    • 1x 3D Printed E-stop Mounting Bracket
    • 1x SLB E-Stop Assembly
    • 1x SLB E-Stop Cable
    • 1x USB-C Cable

Spindle Kit Box

  • 1.5KW Spindle
  • Spindle Accessories Bag
    • 1x ⅛” ER16 Collet
    • 1x ¼” ER16 Collet
    • 1x ⅜” ER16 Collet
    • 1x Spindle Wrench
  • VFD Unit 
    • 1x VFD AC Power Cable
    • 1x VFD Control Cable
    • 1x Spindle Cable 
  • Dust Shoe Box
    • 2x Dust Shoe Bristle Holder
      • 2x Bristle Strip (one longer, one shorter)
    • 1x Dust Shoe Hose Mount
    • 1x Dust Shoe Spindle Mount
    • 2x Hose Clamp
    • M4 Screws