User & Safety Manual


Read Through This Entire User & Safety Manual Before Using The Sienci Labs 7W LaserBeam System

Important Message

Do not use a multimeter or current meter on your LaserBeam driver: those of you who are having trouble getting your Laser to run might be tempted to use a multimeter or current meter to try testing the LaserBeam driver. Do not do this, the LaserBeam Driver produces a lot of current and when trying to measure it you will feed the current back into the driver damaging it and causing it to no longer work. This laser product is not a toy and handles large amounts of power that can be very dangerous for you and the equipment itself.

Cut and Engrave only laser safe materials: Never cut materials that can generate toxic fumes or are dangerous to cut/engrave, such as

  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Vinyl
  • Fiberglass

Wear Eye Protection: Wear compatible laser safety goggles or glasses. Not wearing appropriate eye protection may cause permanent eye damage. The 7W LaserBeam comes with appropriate OD 7+ safety glasses. Ensure that the user and any personnel in the same room are wearing them before the laser is in use.  

Please note that lasers are very dangerous. Sienci Labs is not responsible for injury or damage caused by the use or installation of this laser product.