Laser Diode


The laser diode is the component that produces the beam that cuts and engraves materials. Laser diodes are switched on by applying a voltage through them, in which the movement of electrons causes photons (light particles) to be released, therefore creating the laser light. Depending on the construction of the diode, the quality of the laser light will differ. The light emitted by a laser diode should be consistent, long-lasting and efficient.

Since laser diodes are based off transistors, which are small and complex photoelectric switches, they require special attention on how they are turned off/on and operated. In the User & Safety Manual operating instructions are provided to prolong the life of your laser diode.

7W 445nm Laser Diode Assembly

First, the 7W 445nm multi-mode laser diode is pressed into a copper heatsink. Then this is assembled into an aluminum heatsink with a set screw on the bottom of the heatsinks. Located at the front of the assembly is an adjustable glass focusing lens with an aluminum lens focus ring for users to easily adjust the focus. Providing the diode with a constant 4A will give approximately 7W of optical output power. The diode assembly includes a laser cooling fan on the rear end to cool the entire assembly and improve the heat dissipation capabilities. We recommend customers keep their laser diode component assembly at 50 degrees Celsius and below.  

Max Forward Current5A
Recommended Max Forward Current4A
Threshold Current150mA – 350mA
Forward Voltage3.7V – 5.2V
Optical Output Power7W
Wavelength 445nm
PackageTO – 5 (9mm)
Estimated Lifespan1000 hours – 10,000 hours
Storage Temperature -40°C – 85°C
Operating Temperature0°C – 60°C
Focused Spot Size 0.065mm x 0.130mm 
Beam Divergence Parallel 10° (5° – 25°) 
Beam Divergence Perpendicular46° (35° – 52°)

Output Conditions 

The laser diode output will vary based on temperature and diode lifecycle. As the diode degrades over time, it will require more current. For longevity, we recommend keeping the maximum current at 4.5A.  Additionally,  for any jobs longer than 15 minutes and utilizing the maximum set power (cutting at 100% power), we recommend you keep the current at 4A or under. 

Normal Operating Conditions 

Operating the laser diode with normal operating conditions of 4A will produce an optical output of 7W. Although it is possible to increase this output by adding additional current, it will decrease the lifespan of the laser diode.