Laser Safety Glasses


Laser safety glasses are for protecting your eyes from all unwanted light being emitted by the laser diode. The amount of light being produced by the 7W laser diode between the wavelengths of 440nm – 470nm can and will permanently damage your eyes without proper laser safety glasses. 

We took testing our safety glasses very seriously, firing lasers directly into them and measuring how much energy transferred through the other side. We have also been using our safety glasses for internal laser use for the past several months because we are confident in our product, and want you to feel confident that we took all the steps necessary to ensure your safety.

The 7W LaserBeam comes with appropriate OD 7+ safety glasses to protect the user while operating this product. Ensure that the user and any other personnel in the same room are wearing safety glasses before the laser is in use. Along with the safety glasses, a carrying case and cleaning cloth are included. 

Protection Range200-500 nm
Optical Density within Protection RangeOD 7+