FAQ’s & Fixes



How can I focus the LaserBeam without burning my project material?

You will want to manually lower the power of your LaserBeam to 1% when focusing. This should lower the power enough to avoid burn marks from the laser on your material.

If you are still getting burn marks at 1% power, you can focus on a piece of scrap material. To do this:

  1. Measure the thickness of the scrap material and raise the Z axis by that exact measurement.
  2. Proceed to focus your lens by using the included spacers.
  3. Once focused, turn off the laser.
  4. Remove your scrap material and lower the Z axis by the same amount it was raised.

Your laser will now be focused to your project material avoiding any burn marks or charring.

Will the laser safety glasses fit over my regular glasses?

Yes, the LaserBeam safety glasses were designed specifically to fit over prescription glasses.


Check out the full description of our safety glasses here.

Is the LaserBeam compatible with Vectric software?

Yes, Vectric offers a laser module that is compatible with the LaserBeam. You can download a free trial version of the module here.

Disclaimer: We don’t offer support with the Vectric Laser module, but we know it works. Vectric is a great company and they have tons of tutorials and resources available.

Will the LaserBeam work with the Vortex Rotary Axis?

Yes, the LaserBeam will work with the Vortex. Check out the Laser mount resources page here.

Can the Dust Shoe be used with the LaserBeam?

No, the dust shoe should never be installed while the LaserBeam is operational. It creates a fire hazard as the bristles of the dust shoe can melt and/or cause a fire. The Dust Shoe is made to be used when running the router and not for use with the LaserBeam.

Is fume extraction or ventilation required when running the LaserBeam?

Yes, you’ll want to run your LaserBeam in a space with great ventilation and/or consider a fume extraction system. This can mean a well ventilated work area with open doors or windows, or an inline fan and ducting for extracting the smoke outside. Fumes and particulates from engraving or cutting can be harmful. You always want to make sure the material you are using is laser safe and that you know what type of coatings the material has to avoid hazardous fumes.

Should the LaserBeam be removed when running the router?

Yes, the LaserBeam should be removed when running the router. The vibrations of the LongMill when cutting into wood can cause the laser lens to slowly loosen and fall out of the aluminum heatsink. The LaserBeam mount was designed for easy attachment and removal for this reason.

What is the lifespan of the LaserBeam?

The lifespan of the LaserBeam is roughly 2 years, or 10 000 hours of use.

Is there a warranty on the LaserBeam?

The LaserBeam has a 90 day warranty once it is received. Detailed information regarding the warranty can be found here.

Can the LaserBeam engrave on metals?

Generally no, diode lasers are not powerful enough to engrave on metal materials. However, certain metals are coated in a protective layer or paint, which allows the laser to etch away, creating an engraved effect. Stainless steel is commonly engraved in this way to make projects such as tumblers or water bottles. Alternatively there are Metal Marking Sprays that allow you to coat your material and etch away the coating with the laser to reveal your chosen design. Multiple passes may be required to achieve your desired effect.

Does the LaserBeam ship together with the LongMill if I order both at the same time?

The LaserBeam always ships separately from the LongMill. You may receive one package before the other even if you order at the same time. You can always check the status of your orders and our current lead times here.

I just ordered a laser, how can I get an update on when it will ship?

You can check the status of your order here.

What comes with the LaserBeam?

Here is a list of everything that comes stock with each LaserBeam system:

  • Laser Diode Assembly with Air Assist & Shield Attachment
  • 5A Constant Current Laser Driver
  • 12V 8A Power Supply w 6 ft AC cable
  • Stock G2 Lens
  • Lens Focus Ring
  • Router Mount Hardware
  • 2pcs 7mm Lens Spring – For G2 Lens
  • 2pcs 10mm Lens Spring – For 3E, G7 or G8 Lens
  • 2pcs 13mm Lens Spring – For 3E, G7 or G8 Lens
  • LaserBeam extension wires
  • Lens Focus Finder set
  • LaserBeam safety glasses with case and cleaning cloth

Check out our unboxing guide for a more in depth look at everything included with each LaserBeam system.

What software will I need to run my LaserBeam?*

We recommend using Lightburn and gSender. You can explore more options here.

Will other brands of lasers work on my LongMill?

Yes. The LongBoard controller has a 5v PWM signal output for lasers, spindles and other accessories. You can reach out to the company who makes it to ensure their driver will be able to read the signal.

I am having an issue with my LaserBeam and need help. How can I get support?

Please contact us directly for technical support.

We also have additional resources to provide support such as:

Our Common Issues and Fixes page
The LongMill and Mill One Users group on Facebook
The Sienci Labs Community Online Forum

I have never used a Laser before? Will I be able to learn how to use it?

Yes you can! You are not alone and can click here to see all of the support available to you.

Quick Fixes

My Driver won’t turn on

Make sure all wires are securely attached to their connectors and plugged into their proper place (there is sometimes a mix up between the power supply and diode power cable) PWM and LED power supply on the same side, blue wire for diode on the opposite side.

Go through this checklist:

  • The LED on the power supply is on (green).
  • The interlock connector is firmly plugged in.
  • The key lock is turned 90 degrees clockwise.
  • The driver power switch is in the on position.
  • The driver reset button has been pressed.

My Driver is on but my Laser won’t fire

  • Make sure all wires are securely attached to their connectors.
  • Check if the emissions LED on the driver turns on when trying to fire the laser.
  • Check EEPROM values, $30, $31, $32.
  • Make sure you have a dip switch selected and in the down position.

I can’t connect to gSender

Try to connect to gSender before you open any other machine interface software, ie LightBurn.

Lens won’t focus

There are a couple of things we can double check.

  • Ensure the notch side of the lens is screwed into the focus ring
  • Use the corresponding springs to add tension; 7mm for G2 lens and 10-13mm for G7, G8 and 3E lenses.
  • Note that the G2 Lens focuses when the focus ring gets close to the aluminum heatsink.
  • Use the corresponding focus finders for each lens to assure you are at the correct focus height.
  • The correct distance between the top of lens focus ring to bottom of aluminum heatsink for each lens when in focus
    • G2 – 28 – 35 mm
    • G7 – 83 – 85mm
    • G8 – 70 – 75mm
    • 3E – 63 – 67mm

Review our lens installation instructions here.

My LaserBeam wires aren’t long enough

Every LaserBeam system is shipped with wires long enough to accommodate our largest (48×30) LongMill. The only wire that will be shorter than the rest is the purple PWM cable, as it only needs to have enough length to go from the LongBoard controller to the LaserBeam driver.
For the other wires, blue, yellow and red, a certain amount of drag chain links can be removed in order to gain full range of movement for your machine

Review our wiring instructions here.