Installing Lens


In this section we will go over installing your lens to the lens focus ring in the correct orientation as well as installing your lens assembly and lens spring into your laser assembly.

If you need a reminder on the characteristics of each lens:

Locate the lens you wish to install. The stock G2 lens is found in Bag #1: Small Parts or any additional lens you ordered can be found in the main box

Locate the lens focus rings found in Bag #1: Small Parts

On each lens there are notches on one side located on the outside of the lens. This is the side that will screw into the lens focus ring.

Pick which lens you wish to use and screw the side of the lens with the notches into the lens focus ring.

*The 3 Element (3E) Lens has notches on both sides of the lens but only 1 set of notches is to the outside edge of the lens. The side with the larger notch to the outside edge of the lens is the side that screws into the lens focus ring*

We will then find the appropriate spring for the lens selected found in Bag #1: Small Parts:

  • 7mm Lens Spring ➡️ G2 Lens
  • 10mm or 13mm Lens Spring ➡️ 3 Element, G7, G8 Lens

To make this part of the assembly easier you can raise the Z axis of your LongMill to the highest position and remove your air assist/shield assembly if needed.

The lens spring is inserted into the hole located at the bottom of the laser assembly before the lens is screwed into the that same hole

You can now reinstall your air assist/shield. Align the notches on the inside of the air assist/shield with the notch on the laser assembly heatsink then slide upwards and tighten the large red knob until air assist/shield is firm.