Machine Maintenance


After one or two projects you’ll notice that your Mill One will start collecting material chips and dust. Since the Mill One lacks a dust collection system, we recommend cleaning out the build area every couple of jobs with a vacuum. Any form of liquid cleaning solvent is unnecessary and not recommended since it could damage the Mill One. Regularly cleaning your machine will make sure that setting it up for new cutting operations is easier and the rail systems remain accurate since they’re free from debris.

If you have any all-purpose oil or grease on hand, you should also lubricate the Mill One’s lead screws semi-regularly in order to keep them running smoothly. Lastly, if you notice that your waste board has taken too many hits and is looking a little worn out, we’d suggest gong back to the Preparing to Cut page so that you may cut a new waste board. This will ensure that you can continue to accurately mount material to your machine for cutting.