In your package will be two main boxes. You should find 2 bubble mailers, the aluminum rail system, and 2 hardware baggies in the top box and the remaining, flat-packed components in the bottom box.

The kit has spares for every small part to ensure no headaches during assembly. Don’t worry about accounting for each part, this list should simply give you a better understanding of the components that make up the Mill One. Similar to Lego pieces, if you’re familiar with each component then you’ll find that assembly goes smoothly.

  • 5 Angle Mounts
  • Router Mount and Mount Adapter
  • Electronics Enclosure and Electronics Cover
  • 8 Frame Brackets

  • USB Cable
  • Power Supply and Plug Adapter
  • Arduino Uno
  • CNC Shield
  • 3 Stepper Motors and Stepper Motor Cables
  • 6 Jumper Caps
  • 3 Stepper Motor Drivers with Heat Sinks
  • DC Power Jack

  • 10 M8 Bolts (25mm long)
  • 28 M8 Bolts (15mm long)
  • 10 M8 Nuts

  • 16 M5 Bolts (25mm long)
  • 10 M5 Nuts
  • 6 Eccentric Nuts
  • 12 M5 Washers
  • 24 M3 Bolts (8mm long)
  • 3 Solid Couplers
  • 3 Brass ACME Nuts
  • 12 V-Grooved Bearings
  • 3 ACME Nut Mounts

  • Aluminum Rails (2x 400mm and 1x 200mm)
  • ACME Leadscrews (2x 400mm and 1x 200mm)

  • Acrylic Shield
  • Y-Gantry (HDPE)
  • XZ-Gantry (Steel)
  • Left, Right, Front, and Back MDF Frame Pieces

Once you’ve identified each component, you can move on to the next step!