Quick Start Guide


If you want to jump right in with your own project instead of following along with Your First Project and Your Second Project, fear not! Check out our video where Johann goes step by step on how to get setup and start quickly for each Vortex project.

You can use the list below as a checklist to get started on each project you run on the Vortex.

Switching To the Vortex

  • Mount track on wasteboard
  • Raise your router
  • Jog all the way back to align X-axis
  • Plug in touch probe & magnet
  • Use gSender’s Y-Axis alignment wizard
  • Flip the toggle switch towards yourself & enable rotary mode in gSender

Homing on the Vortex 

  • Select Home All in gSender *If you have limit switches installed*


  • Install correct jaw set
  • Attach faceplate or use jaws to hold stock

Using the Tailstock

  • Slide against end of stock
  • Match center to divot
  • Turn live center away from yourself to tighten
  • Lock the live center with the red knob

Setting Your Zero

  • Jog bit to the right to clear faceplate and workholding
  • Click Zero X
  • Rotate your stock if you want it facing a certain direction
  • Click Zero A
  • Plug in touch probe & magnet
  • Jog bit to top of headstock
  • Click Probe Rotary Z-Axis

Rotary Surfacing

  • Measure largest dimension
  • Measure length
  • Click Rotary Surfacing in gSender
  • Enter measurements and select Stepdown
  • Click Generate G-code
  • Click Run on Main Visualizer
  • Click Start Job

Good luck & have fun!