Finding Lens Focus Height


In this section we will go over finding the correct focus height for each lens. This process is made easy with the focus finders, the set of 4 black acrylic parts that are included with every LaserBeam.

Each focus finder is labeled with the lens it was made for. The focus finders can be used with either side of the L shaped part, they are the top and bottom range of the lens’ focus height range.

Locate Bag #4: Lens Focus Finder Set in your main LaserBeam box.

Find the focus finder that matches the lens you have installed.

Raise your Z axis high enough that your focus finder fits under the laser with some space above it. Stand the focus finder on the material you plan on using the laser on. Then slowly lower your Z axis until the bottom of the laser assembly black anodized aluminum body touches the top of your focus finder.

This is the correct height for your laser so that the lens can be focused correctly. You can also rotate the focus finder and use the other end with the same procedure as they are the top and bottom range of the lens focus height.

Setting G2 Focus Height

Setting 3E Focus Height

Setting G7 Focus Height

Setting G8 Focus Height

If you need a reminder on the characteristics of each lens:

If you lose or break the focus finder you can use a ruler or create new ones with the values below:

Lens Type:3 Element G2G7G8
Tested Focal Length: 63-67 mm32-33 mm83-85 mm70-75 mm